WordPress login attempts

I wrote a simple WordPress plugin that logs all login attempts, failed and successful ones, to a simple text file. Example log entry:

07.04.11 03:56 GMT+0200 IP:    Failed login attempt - wrong password. User name: 'administrator' / Password: '123654'

It is very scary to see how many login attempts there are on a day. Most of them seem to be coming from bots that try often used username/password combinations in series of 10 to 20 attempts (or maybe ‘attacks’ is a better word).

There is one important lesson here: choose a strong password for you WordPress admin section, and change it often!
Even an insignificant and small blog will be subject to attacks.

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  1. Du says:

    Where is your code??

    I like to try in my website…

    Please, if you can.. send to me: dutchuck@msn.com


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