DeviantART notifier

January 26th, 2011

Because I wanted a simple usecase, in order to play with Benjamin Hollis’ nice .NET PopupNotify Control, I wrote a simple DeviantART notifier. The notifier is a stand-alone desktop application (Windows) that checks for new messages in a DeviantART account. If new message arrivess, a tray popup is shown.


  • Desktop notifications. Via build in popups or via Growl for Windows.
  • Runs in system tray

Current project stage is alpha. Which means the notifier has not been fully developed and tested yet. Missing functionality (amongst other things):

  • Some messages types are not yet supported, such as Support messages (I haven’t asked for any support yet, so no examples in my in inbox;) )
  • This is kind of a test project for writing custom Windows forms controls in C# .NET. So the user interface is experimental.

The notifier uses the undocumented Difi API to retrieve messages from the inbox.


Source code

Source code of current alpha version is available here: DeviantNotifier on Google Code

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